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Circular Fluorescent Tubes

Circular Fluorescent Tubes have the characteristics of high brightness and high color rendering, using multiple high brightness and high display 2835 SMT LEDs; Choose a high transparency PC cover. Pressure efficient constant current drive, safe without flicker; Instantly open, no need for startup time, protecting eyes; And it saves more than 85% electricity compared to tungsten filament lamps and more than 50% electricity compared to traditional lamps.


Color rendering index greater than 80, high light efficiency of 135lm/w, with a 3-year warranty. Suitable for lighting in hotels, hotels, homes, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, cars, trains, ships and other transportation vehicles.

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HS-300FCL32-18W Circular Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb. The unique lighting technology used in this bulb helps to reduce eye-strain while consuming 75% less energy. It is only a 18W bulb but it has the equivalent light of a 100W tungsten bulb.
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