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Outdoor LED Wall Lamps

Outdoor LED wall lamps are a type of wall lamp named after its use outdoors. It is usually installed on outdoor walls, and some products can also be installed on outdoor lamp column walls. Compared with indoor wall lamps, outdoor wall lamps have better waterproof performance and are mostly enclosed structures, which can prevent outdoor rainwater from corroding the lamps and prolong their service life. Outdoor wall lamps generally have the following advantages: novel design, elegant and unique, soft lighting, generous and practical, easy installation, and strong decorative properties. For urban green lighting, creating high-quality and civilized residential communities, and improving the lighting culture of residential environments, outdoor wall lamps are undoubtedly essential ideal lighting fixtures.

Our outdoor wall lamp has a color rendering index greater than 80, which provides a good representation of the colors of the objects it illuminates. The half-life of the luminous flux exceeds 50000 hours, and it is generally used normally for more than 20 years. Strong shock resistance and seismic resistance. The waterproof and dustproof level is IP65.

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