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Great Success at the Tokyo International Lighting Fair 2024 in Japan

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    Thank you for all the customers and visitors who attended this year’s Lighting Expo 2024 at Tokyo Big Sight. The 4-day Lighting Expo 2024-Japan ended on a perfect note. The organizer of the exhibition is the Japan Lighting Association. "LIGHTING FAIR" is one of the largest comprehensive lighting exhibitions in Japan. It will present a vast array of the newest lighting products that are essential elements of building comfortable, safe, and highly convenient lighted environments, as well as the latest control systems and measuring equipment that improve lighting performance.

Great Success at the Tokyo International Lighting Fair 2024 in Japan 1

    We have received positive feedback from visitors regarding the display of led tube lights, led track lights, led downlights, led floodlights, led high bay lights, led garden lights, led shoebox lights, and led stadium lamps at the exhibition. Especially the new series of shapeable led track lights have attracted the attention of most customers and received unanimous praise. This shapeable led track light is very distinctive, with four slices of the light-cutting film that can freely change the shape of the light spot: round, square, rectangle, parallelogram, diamond, triangle, and any irregular quadrilateral, etc; No blue edge, adjustable spot size and sharpness; The use of high-quality coated optical lenses increases transparency and reduces distortion; Can achieve 355°rotation and freely adjust the irradiation angle; We can use Triac, 0-10V, DALI controllers to achieve dimming functions according to customer needs; Ra>95, protecting the eyes while restoring true colors; We have adopted a pure aluminum cold forged integrated radiator with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 237W/mK, which extends the service life of the lamp and provides a 5-year warranty service.

    Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly interested in intelligent lighting and dimming control. Our product focuses more on user-friendly and people-oriented lighting, and can provide customized services based on customer needs. If you want to know more about product details, welcome to consult us. Our website is: https://www.hongsheng-led.com/

Great Success at the Tokyo International Lighting Fair 2024 in Japan 2Great Success at the Tokyo International Lighting Fair 2024 in Japan 3

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